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Most positions are based in our Greenwich Office


Financial Planner opportunities countrywide. 


Marketing Manager

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Marketing Manager to join our team in London.


This is an exciting opportunity for someone with the drive, passion and initiative to develop and deliver the marketing strategy for the SMPW.


Previous experience and a proven track record is essential as well as being qualified to degree level, with a relevant marketing qualification. Financial services knowledge would be a bonus.


This is a very hands-on role and the ability to multi-task is a must. You should also have experience of managing as you will be mentoring a Marketing Assistant.


What is the SMPW Internship?

The SMPW Internship  is a structured training programme created for school leavers and graduates who want to build a career in financial services.


From 2018, we will start to offer tailor made routes into the profession for capable candidates. The SMPW Internship programme is bespoke and you'll receive the very best training, as well as the support of a mentor and a personal development plan to progess your career. 

What we offer?

We tailor your training path depending on your starting point. At degree level you may already have some of the skills and knowledge required.


Whenever you start - after school, college or university - our aim is that you will go on to achieve the gold standard in our industry. Overall we believe degrees and apprenticeships can be equally valuable and with the right person, both can lead to the same destination. 


Why join the Placement Programme?

In the UK, work experience before university for 13 to 18 year olds is very important. If you do not have work experience and would like one?

St Mary’s Private Wealth is the best choice for you.

You will be given an insight into what it is like to work for a finance company and have the opportunity to gain experience alongside our financial team on real client projects. It is not going to go away any time soon, and it is guaranteed to get mentioned on your resume.

There are many reasons why gaining work experience is beneficial before going to university. The most common ones are listed below:

•  Get to know your career path


Many students do not know what career they wish to enter into before going to university, which can cause a mismatch to your major. Thus, Placement Programme gives you a chance to learn more about your preference through real work experience, which can help you to make your future career decisions. 


•  A 'guide' for university applications


According to the Sutton Trust report, top universities prefer to use personal statements that include relevant work experience to distinguish students who achieved the same academic results. Thus, our Placement Programme will help you to stand out among the students and help your university admission to understand more about your passion for their course.


•  Better career development


More and more graduates are required to have one or two years’ work experience in the relevant field, so gained work experience and the network accumulated through this process will enable you to find a job more quickly in the future. 

•  Develop professional skills


Placement Programme will help you with transferable skills (e.g. Microsoft skills, communication skills, team working skills, etc.) Some skills are not learnt through study, but through work experience. They will impress your future employers.


Through our Placement Programme, we will help you with your career choice and financial knowledge, give you the opportunity to prove yourself and make visible effects that contributions to a real business. 

Investment Consultation
30 min
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