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The financial market in the United Kingdom has long been attractive to many foreign investors. Our bespoke Investment Management service meets the diversified risk appetites of different investors and  supports you to reach your financial goals in the long term.

Supporting investors to reach their financial goals in the UK.

We provide investment management services to investors in the UK. Our specialist team has extensive knowledge of dealing with and supporting international clients, ensuring your needs and objectives are understood.

UK Investment expertise.

We are headquartered in London, rooted in UK private wealth management. Our in-depth understanding of the country's investment landscape and our large network of specialist advisers enable us to provide professional investment service to you.

Always in line with
investors' requirements.

Our services meet investors' different requirements by providing bespoken portfolios according to investors' financial background and risk appetites to fulfill the investment goal of every investor.

Dedicated team.

We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs. Our team can introduce and update you the volatile financial market and help you to pick your suitable investment portfolio..

Why choose us?


Immediate assistance

We are always ready to help with - your account information, valuation report, or any documents requested, these could be assessed at any time. SMPW’s dedicated compliance and account management team ensure that our on-boarding process is seamless.


Safety first

Your assets are held separately at long-running custodian banks. In the unlikely event of any extreme situations, this separation ensures the safety of your assets. 


Reliable and secure

All invested monies will be invested in appropriate markets based on investors' requirements - we screen the permitted investments carefully.

Our Team

Peter 2 compressed.jpg

Peter Liu is the Executive Director of the company.


A professional Managing Director with Investment Management Certificate (IMC), mainly responsible for developing and reviewing trading strategies at St Mary's Private Wealth. 


Sheng Graduated from the  University of Washington and University of Bath. He joined the team as a Business Sale Executive, now is responsible for business promotion and customer relationships.

Investment Consultation
30 min
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