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We provide mortgage advice and implementation services by looking closely at your personal circumstances in order to match you with the most suitable product.

What we offer?

We provide various kinds of products from a comprehensive range of mortgages across the whole market, including some of which are exclusive and not available on the High Street. Whether your circumstances are simple or complex, whether you are a first time buyer, moving house, purchasing an investment property or remortgaging... we are always here to help.

Residential Mortgage

Long term loan taken out by one or more individuals to buy a home to live in.


The process of rising capital with the proceeds from a new mortgage using the same property as security.

Buy-to-let Mortgage

For landlords who buy property to rent it out.

Portfolio Mortgage

We can provide advice on refinancing an existing Buy-to-Let portfolio.



Whether you want to buy a new home and sell the current one, or let the current home out, or buy a second home, we could help.

SPV / Limited company BTL

Set up in a tax-efficient way for landlords holding a portfolio of buy-to-let properties. 

Telling you everything you need to know,

keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our expert team of advisers are available to help you choose the mortgage that is right for you and help you to buy your home or investment property... and keep it.

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Section 1: 

Initial consultation

To demonstrate our mortgage advice and process management and supervision.


It will cover:

• The Mortgage advice process

• What documents and due diligence check are requested

• The application process

Section 2: 

Mortgage Advice

• Stage 1 - Introduction

Our advisors will let you understand the expected outcomes of your mortgage service, the initial disclosure information, tailored recommendations and the stages of your mortgage journey.

• Stage 2 - Establishing Needs

Our advisors will effectively understand your needs and circumstances, discuss the expectations with you. Your needs will be fully explored with any contradictions raised, discussed and documented. Also, you will have a sound understanding of the advice process and next steps.

• Stage 3 - Giving advice

We will fully assess your needs and circumstances before making any recommendations - we provide advice to our clients on the most appropriate solution which are free from any bias. 

• Stage 4 - Implementation

We agree with you what level of ongoing service you require from us. This can be a meeting to review the mortgage when the current deal comes to an end, annual reviews, or any other frequency as agreed (e.g. Approval in Principle; Formal application; Follow up legal procedure). This can also mean no further contact.

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Section 3: 

Mortgage Documents & Due Diligence check

All the documents needed will be collected and checked by our advisors before submission of the application:

• Identification Check

• MFA & ATP (Mortgage Fee Agreement and Authority to Proceed)

• Fact Find

• Proof of Income

• Other income

• Proof of Expenditure

• Mortgage Expenditure Form

• Proof of Deposit

• Proof of Credit history

• Debt consolidation Costs

• Sourcing List

• Mortgage Suitability Report

• Other documentation

Investment Consultation
30 min
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