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St Mary's Private Wealth obtained the Insurance Approval from the Financial Conduct Authority

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

SMPW obtained the Insurance Financial Conduct Authority Approval in September 2018.

SMPW’s insurance broker is a customer representative who helps individuals and businesses find the best policies to meet customers' needs. A broker must obtain a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approval in a particular insurance area to sell the policy. We are familiar with the insurance market and have extensive industry knowledge. Our responsibilities include researching policies, providing financial and risk management advice, preparing reports and maintaining records. Our insurance brokers are professionals trained in insurance and risk management solutions. We may focus on a single type of insurance or multiple insurance.

SMPW’s insurance brokers deal directly with a range of insurers; sometimes having access to policies that are not opened to individual consumers. When customers consider buying an insurance product but are not familiar with its complexity, our insurance broker will find the best product for you according to your requirements. We strictly adhere to the rules, highlight the key facts of the policy, and check with you to make sure you understand our recommendations and the product that is purchased. We will provide you with the most objective and appropriate advice. Process all the information in a confidential and substantive manner. Meanwhile, we will strictly abide by the terms of the business agreement with you.

Our insurance broker has extensive knowledge of the insurance market and maybe able to negotiate a more competitive premium on your behalf, so that your costs will be lower.


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